The dissolution of a marriage is a major life transition and may be a very emotional decision. It is important to have a thorough understanding of how Arizona law impacts your particular circumstances and should be fully discussed with your attorney. Below is a brief overview of the issues commonly encountered in processing a divorce action.

Property and Debts - The division of the assets and debts entails: 1) identifying the assets and debts; 2) determining the fair market value of the assets and debts; 3) fairly dividing the assets and debts.

Parenting -  Legal decision making and parenting time is an issue that can be challenging and should be fully explored with an attorney experienced in this area (see custody information herein)

Child Support - Generally, Arizona law requires one spouse to pay child support according to a formula that is part of the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. (See child support information herein)

Spousal Maintenance - In a divorce case in Arizona, one spouse may be entitled to spousal maintenance (formerly called alimony). A.R.S. 25-319 establishes certain factors that must be met before an award of spousal maintenance may be made.

              In addition to the above, many other issues may arise in a divorce action including retirement plans, real property matters, issues related to a business. These issues must be addressed and included in any settlement or court decision and should be explored and discussed with an experienced family law attorney.

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Tucson, Arizona divorce attorney - Nancy J. O'Neill

Tucson, Arizona divorce attorney - Nancy J. O'Neill